Hello and Welcome

Through this website we hope to keep our members updated about forthcoming events, show results, and any other relevant information.

We currently run two shows a year. The Schedules are available to download on our News & Events Page.  Our competitors range from showing newcomers to HOYS champions, everyone is welcome as long as they want to have fun.

We also run clinics each year to help educate, inform and improve our members equine skills.

If you have any suggestions about our events, classes, etc. please contact a member of the committee.

Kind Regards
The NCPA Derbyshire Committee

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Online entry system for the Derbyshire Festival
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Branch of the NCPA

Derbyshire Festival

Come and visit us on our Facebook page.

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Summer Show Secretary

Pam Ashton
Hollinhurst Head Farm, New Mills ,

High Peak SK22 4QL

Email: pmashton@hotmail.co.uk

Chairman & Spring Show Secretary

John Elliott

Robinsway, Ashopton Drive, Bamford,
Hope Valley.  S33 0BU

Email: ashopton@btinternet.com

Telephone: 07720 943772